Michael Rault

Michael Rault is a Canadian born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Rault left his hometown in early adulthood to enmesh himself in the music scenes of first Toronto and then Montreal, before most recently relocating to the USA and the California Mojave desert / Joshua Tree area.

When he’s not letting his own personal freak flag fly with his eclectic solo project, Rault also ventures out as a session player on various instruments, playing and contributing arrangements both live and in the studio for an impressive list of modern indie bands, including US Girls and Pearl Charles among others. Recently Rault was recruited as a guitar player in the revived line up of the legendary 70’s Zambian psychedelic rock band, WITCH, alongside Jacco Gardener, and members of L’Éclair & Mauskovic Dance Band. 

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Michael Rault

Michael Rault

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