Michael Rault

Michael Rault

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1. All Night Long
2. Right On Time
3. Neither Love Nor Money
4. Exactly What I Needed
5. Who Will You Call On?
6. Want For Nothing
7. When I'm Back In Town Again
8. Champagne
9. Whoever Comes Around
10. Inside Your Heart

The eponymous new album from one of the most talented songwriters in the game.  A remarkable re-imagination of '70s pop perfection, the album began to take shape during a time of endings. Michael, on the cusp of turning 30 and freshly off the road promoting 2018's A New Day Tonight, had just ended a romantic relationship, and cut ties with his management and touring band. Returning home to Montreal where his van was already buried in six feet of snow, he hunkered down in his bedroom studio and began writing. Over the span of five months he penned most of the album. From the drug-fueled, dance floor slow-stepper, "Neither Love Nor Money", to the introspective "Inside Your Heart", to the tongue-in-cheek playfulness of "Champagne", the body of work he created in this epoch of uncertainty is proof of just how crucial that time of endings really was. Bruised but certainly not beaten, Michael delivers a lush, timeless collection of songs - continuing his increasingly profound exploration into the worlds of progressive pop, psych folk, yacht rock and beyond. 

Album Credits:

All songs written, arranged and produced by Michael Rault 
Engineering and additional production by:
Lewis Pesacov at Ahata Sounds in Los Angeles CA
Mac DeMarco at Jizz Jazz Studios in Los Angeles CA
Michael Rault in bedrooms in Los Angeles CA and Edmonton AB CAN

Strings recorded by Lewis Pesacov at Knobworld in Los Angeles CA
String Arrangement by Lewis Pesacov & Michael Rault 

Mixed by James Valentine at Radio Milk in Austin TX
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura CA