Micah Erenberg

Canada’s Micah Erenberg knows the risk in wearing your heart on your sleeve. The 26-year-old also understands the importance of a shared experience. One that can make someone feel brighter, understood, less alone. The songwriter’s second album Love Is Gonna Find You is intended to be a shared. Micah Erenberg is lifting his listeners into a sphere of delicate fulfillment, painting loneliness as a universal craving for human connection over his narratives of getting sober, rain soaked mornings and searching for something bigger than ourselves.

Lyrically, the album paints a scrambling collage
of navigating the loss of love while also providing a rolling, self-effacing pep talk. It’s a kaleidoscope of memories and is ultimately
positive and downright life-affirming.

Recorded and produced by Micah Erenberg & Alex Bonenfant (July Talk, METZ) and mastered by Grammy-nominated Philip Shaw Bova (Foxwarren, Bahamas, Father John Misty).


  • Micah Erenberg - Love Is Gonna Find You
    Micah Erenberg - Love Is Gonna Find You

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