July Talk

July Talk stormed the airwaves with the flinty radio-ready rock of their debut and the volatile siren songs of Touch, with its sawtoothed pop + convulsing tension. For album three, the band cracks their equilibrium open to find a thrilling new balance in asymmetry. With their signature snarl, July Talk is back to reaffirm the cathartic power of self-determination, in sound and spirit.

Resolute in their vision and unafraid to escape the cage, July Talk’s path has never been through fitting in. Their music, viscerally, blisteringly hot, sliced right through the alternative and rock charts for multiple number one singles. Their churning and fiercely physical performances make spaces hiss and hum, spit and seethe in glorious, artful abandon.

Pray For It commits to the possibility of alternate endings in the sanctuary of humility.

The album opens with the hope-soaked ink bloom of “Identical Love,” a mix of a
distinctly 1980s brand of romanticism – gated drums + cityscape sax – with an entirely of-the-moment ache for renewal. In opening themselves up to the unknown, the uncomfortable and the unfamiliar, July Talk performs a radical sacrificial act, surrendering themselves to the higher powers – sacred, ecological or even intergalactic – as a way to begin again.


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July Talk

Pray For It

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July Talk, Touch, Pray For It

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