Cat Clyde & Jeremie Albino

Both hailing from Canada, Cat Clyde and Jeremie Albino are cut from the same musical cloth that fuses together elements of folk, blues, Americana, and soul. The result is a sound that exudes heart and a nostalgic feeling of days gone by. As fans of classic old school singers and storytellers like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Michael Hurley, that same compelling quality is seen in both their musical styles. When the pandemic hit and gigs were put on hold (among them,Telluride for Jeremie and Edmonton Folk Fest for Cat), it allowed both artists to focus on their craft, individually and collaboratively. The album features 2 original songs (“Been Worryin’” and “Tried and Cried”) and 7 covers of some of their favourite artists.

In 2018 when Cat and Jeremie met, there was an instant bond when they discovered their music tastes uncannily aligned. They both grew up listening to many of the same records and admired many of the same musicians. Clyde explains, “It’s nice to share that love of listening to something a hundred times and never getting sick of it. As a musician you travel around a lot and meet a lot of people, but when you meet someone that has a hunger for the same type of musical food, it’s really special.” Cat and Jeremie realized almost immediately that they wanted to collaborate.

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