Allie X

Allie X offers herself to you, body and blood but Allie X is not your savior. Shes not a GIF-making saint for you to worship on Tumblr nor a glitchy technicolor idol for you to pray to through an iPhone screen.

Shes not a celebrity either, in the traditional sense. Though Katy Perry endorsed her and hundreds of thousands are streaming her, shes not a poster for you to hang on your wall or an archetype to mold yourself into.

Allie X is not a role model. Shes the shell you press to your ear to listen to the sound of your own blood coursing through your veins.

Shes the echo of your isolated soul trapped in a body attempting release through ecstatic dance.

Allie X makes pop musicelectronic, detuned, glimmering confections woven from egoic dreams, doomed idealism, shadow selves, cruel doctors, but dont be fooled.

Not everything made from the dredged up bits of her fragmented past are so easily reassembled. The girl behind the glasses under a curtain of hair is not someone you will ever know.



  • Allie X - COLLXTION I (CD)
    Allie X - COLLXTION I (CD)