· By Scott Waring

Born 2 Boogie from Sunshine & the Blue Moon available now!

Sunshine & the Blue Moon have shared their new album, Born 2 Boogie. Today, and as part of the release they’ve dropped a video for their new track “Sweat,” premiering now on Indie88.

On “Sweat,” the band is stuck in a dream that might just be a nightmare. Throughout the tune, the material world gets twisted into something new by their surreal, dreamy instrumentals. The accompanying Kay Davey-Bellin-directed video captures the energy of a sort of high stakes noir film. With ominous close-ups of villains beneath dark blue lighting, this video is sure to get you on edge.

“This video captures the mood of a mysterious dream, when you wake up still reeling from the action,” the band explains. “The music and visuals have been swimming around in our imagination for a long time, so it feels deeply rewarding to see these images come to light. The sharp shadows and angles of the looming cityscape inspired the world of this song.”